Tom Peterson

Tom Peterson


Tom was born on December 22nd 1978 in Ede, The Netherlands. Like many producers, Tom started his career at a local radio station in the middle nineties. He regularly played his own productions during his radio show. These tracks were always well received by the listeners so Tom decided to start making music professionally.

Together with others Tom produced projects such as Laguna,, Bone Bumpers, Pandemonium Projects, Matrix, Silent Electra, LostLynx, Eastcoast, and last but certainly not least, CreamTeam.

After the enormous success of DivX’ throughout Europe, CreamTeam started performing at events and festivals like Trance Energy, Mysteryland and RiverDance. They also regularly performed in popular Dutch clubs like The Matrixx and Lexicon. Besides all of this, they also found time to produce tracks and make remixes for Cosmic Gate, Tatana, Peran van Dijk and Jochen Miller.

Nowadays Tom is founder of and the top producer for Zero Creative, a company specialised in music and (3D) video animations. Here he works in his new DTS/Surround studio located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Most recently Tom produced TOM.DJ – ‘So High’ and Tom Peterson – ‘Drivez Me Crazy’ which has been released on the renowned Yakuza label and is widely supported by credible DJs all over the world. Both tracks prove that Tom has only just begunÂ…